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Railway stations are busy, often vital, hubs in the heart of our community.

By working inclusively with local people and businesses and encouraging visitors to our area, we help to promote rail services and stations and connect communities.

Our work and core purpose are guided by the ‘Four Pillars’ of the Department for Transport Community Rail Development Strategy:

• Providing a voice for the community.
• Promoting sustainable, healthy and accessible travel.
• Bringing communities together and supporting diversity and inclusion.
• Supporting social and economic development.

We work with local communities, rail industry partners, schools and local councils to:

• Help promote and encourage travel on local rail services.
• Organise projects that bring local people together and make local stations safe and welcoming places.
• Encourage tourism to support our local economy.
• Give people the skills to travel safely and independently by train.
• Improve the local environment and biodiversity.
• Produce guides to our local train line and promote local attractions.